Jabra, a leader in personal sound and office solutions, has expanded its true wireless range with the latest addition to its Evolve series – the Evolve2 Buds. Designed to enhance concentration and facilitate collaboration, these true wireless buds are tailored for professionals who are constantly on the move. With certification for leading virtual meeting platforms and advanced noise reduction technology, the Evolve2 Buds aim to deliver clear calls and uninterrupted focus.


  • Companion App Customizations: The companion app offers EQ adjustments and control customizations, allowing users to personalize their audio experience.
  • Waterproof and Dust-Resistant Design: With an IP57 rating, the Evolve2 Buds are built to withstand water and dust, ensuring durability in various environments.
  • Excellent Mic Clarity: The buds feature outstanding microphone clarity, making them ideal for important calls and virtual meetings.
  • USB Adapter Inclusion: The inclusion of a USB adapter provides a more stable connection, particularly beneficial for Unified Communications (UC) users.
  • Wireless Case Charging: The wireless charging case adds convenience, allowing users to charge on the go without the hassle of cables.


  • No aptX Support: The absence of aptX support may be disappointing for users seeking high-fidelity audio streaming.
  • Separate Models for UC and Teams Edition: The need for separate models for Unified Communications (UC) and Microsoft Teams may cause confusion for some users.

What’s In the Box?

The Evolve2 Buds come packaged with a USB dongle (available in USB-A or USB-C options) corresponding to the user’s edition preference (UC or Teams). Additionally, the inclusion of five different silicone tip sizes ensures a comfortable and secure fit for users of all ear sizes. The buds and USB dongle conveniently fit inside the wireless charging case, providing portability and protection.


Featuring Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility and support for AAC and SBC codecs, the Evolve2 Buds offer reliable connectivity and the ability to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The inclusion of a USB adapter ensures stable connections, especially during crucial calls or virtual meetings.

Sound Quality

The Evolve2 Buds prioritize high-quality conversations with Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ technology, utilizing a combination of four microphones, bone conduction sensors, and advanced algorithms to minimize background noise. The Jabra Sound+ app allows for in-app customization of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and EQ settings, enhancing the user’s audio experience.


Designed for extended wear, the silicone tips ensure comfort during long work hours and leisure activities. The buds feature ANC for immersive music enjoyment during commutes, along with intuitive touch controls for music playback. The auto-pause feature enhances user convenience by automatically pausing playback when one earbud is removed.


The Jabra Evolve2 Buds are an excellent choice for individuals frequently engaged in work calls and virtual meetings. With effective ANC, superb battery life, and fast charging capabilities, these buds offer convenience and performance. While the lack of aptX support may disappoint audiophiles, the in-app customizations and overall functionality make the Evolve2 Buds a compelling option for professionals seeking reliable audio solutions. Available at an RRP of S$424, the Evolve2 Buds are now accessible through the Jabra official store or on Shopee.

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